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Basketball Season is in full swing here at WCS! We would love to have fans of all ages come support our 7th and 8th grade boys and girls throughout the season!


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Revised Elibility Guidelines:

INTERSCHOLASTIC ATHLETICS - ELIGIBILITY -Bath Middle School and Woolwich Central School

A. Students participating in interscholastic activities (including managers and statisticians) must maintain satisfactory Habits of Work grades in all subject areas.

B. Eligibility will be determined by the following procedures:

          1. For the purposes of tryouts, all students are eligible. Once team is selected, students will be placed on a weekly eligibility check.

          2. Teachers will determine the weekly eligibility of students participating in interscholastic activities based upon the student's Habits of Work for each week.

          3. The athletic director will submit a list of participants by House to each teacher for the weekly ranking period in question.

          4. The teacher will indicate on the list those students whose Habits of Work grades include a ‘1’ or more than two ‘2’s’, and also inform the students they have done so.

         5. The list will be given to the athletic director, who after compiling the information will notify the player, the player's parents, and the coach.

         6. Any student declared ineligible on a weekly check will be ineligible until the next weekly review. Ineligibility will begin on Monday the following week and will run for a period of seven days.

          7. During the student's period of ineligibility he/she may practice but not participate in interscholastic activities.

         8. If a student is declared ineligible three times during any sport's season, then he/she will be declared ineligible for the remainder of that sport's season.

C. Students suspended from school will not be permitted to participate in the interscholastic program until they have been re-admitted.

D. If a student's grades are low overall or his/her citizenship is poor, the principal may declare that student ineligible.


Adopted: September 7, 1983 Revised: November 1990; August 10, 1992; October 12, 1994; May 13, 1996; September 25, 2006; November 27, 2017

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Recognizing that the success of public education is essential to our promising future, the community of Woolwich Central School embraces the principles of Relationships, Rigor and Perseverance as defined below:


Exemplify the Woolwich Way at all times and promote these values in others


Aspire to high standards

Be creative, critical and reflective thinkers

Collaborate with others to produce quality work


Take risks and strive to maximize individual potential