Principal's Message

Some food for thought - one of the elements that we prescribe to is that fair is not always equal. What does this mean?  Picture three children trying to see over a high fence - they each need something to stand on in order to be able to see.  However, they are different heights, so giving them all the same size box to stand on - while equal - isn't really fair.  They each need a box that fits their individual needs.  This is true in academics and behavior as well - some students might need extensive help on math, while others need to be challenged because it is easy for them.  Other students might need more practice with sight words, while other students have moved on to inferences and looking at perspective.  With behavior, fair doesn't mean equal either.  While the rules are the same (Be safe, be kind and be responsible) the way we deal with misbehavior needs to be individualized at times. Consequences can, at times, be flexible and are selected in order to teach behavior expectations.  Whenever possible, we use logical consequences that make sense, and work for the individual child involved.  


Ms. McKay, Principal


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