Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back Dike-Newell Students!!!

Please remember due to the heat and humidity, today will be a half day with dismissal three hours early. Buses can be expected three hours early, give or take a few minutes for first-day delays that often happen.

What do we do on the first day of school?
* Learn where to put things, such as our coats, backpacks, and lunchboxes
* Learn our classroom expectations and how to do all kinds of things such as getting lunch, using the bathroom, walking in the hall, and sitting on the rug
* Get to know our teacher and classmates
* Begin to talk about how we can be safe, kind, and responsible at school and why it is important
* Enjoy books and stories

At DNS, we believe in going slow to go fast - that is, taking time to build the foundations for a safe, caring community of learners that make children feel comfortable and able to participate - then the learning can really take off!

We look forward to working with everyone this year! Happy start of school!!

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Welcome Back!

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